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2018 was a amazinging year with many things done. I hope this year I will get to try some new adventures plus some desire’s  I have had for a long time now.

WereWolves in Worcestershire

Well I have done some of these activities before .This time it was werewolves over populating an area of Droitwich in Worcestershire . Here,s the map if you plan on helping out (click the RED Icon>>  [codepeople-post-map] First I will have to say that it was not...

Thames Boat Disco 2015

The weather was a bit grey ,a few spots of rain for about 20 mins ,while the musics was rocking 80-90's Well worth a trip up and down the Thames at night ,the cost of drinks was to be expected. But a really nice night out   I give it 9  out of 10 try it some time  ...

Taking on the World, One City at a Time

This is the Temple of truth In Thailand ,a country I have been to many many times.


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My Upcoming Trips

I will head back to Bulgaria this year and hopefully acquire some property in Thailand and also try Jousting ,I will need some  training for that.


Hua Hin

Hua Hin

Sunny Beach

A Highlight from last year


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I would love to hear from you and about your travels and places you have been, Maybe you think it would be a great adventure for me to try ,, drop me a line .

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