Well poped down the local cinema ,the watch the latest Bond movie ,It was 2.5 hours long there was action at the beginning ,then a bit of action later on 2 bond girls ,One real baddie

No big baddie hide out ,I understand that earlier last year they had to stop filming since the was problem. Rather sparse on characters, and they still keep going back in time ?? This is before the before the  ,,again

Finally hopefully we will get up to date and the baddies will have ice palaces or big hide out’s some were ,plus I have to say there some slow bits ,A house in Scotland with lots of talking hmmm… ,I think they are starting see the competition  around them ,,Borne Identity (borne use’ house hold items as weapons,and utilizes things around him) etc.,has more intellect ,ie … there is a series at present called “Burn notice” ,this series has narrator that discusses how spies does do things (thorough the episode),it is quite interesting and shows how clever spies can be in sticker situations .