The weather was a bit grey ,a few spots of rain for about 20 mins ,while the musics was rocking 80-90’s

Well worth a trip up and down the Thames at night ,the cost of drinks was to be expected.

But a really nice night out   I give it 9  out of 10 try it some time

IMG_20150718_191702 (Copy)  Heading down to Tower Hill pier

IMG_20150718_194342 (Copy)   Boarding the ship

IMG_20150718_202723 (Copy)  Heading up the Thames

IMG_20150718_224334 (Copy)  Inside the disco ,nice ceiling lighting

IMG_20150718_224248 (Copy)IMG_20150718_224249 (Copy)

IMG_20150718_204516 (Copy)IMG_20150718_220221 (Copy)

IMG_20150718_202559 (Copy)IMG_20150718_220308 (Copy)

and heading home

IMG_20150718_234606 (Copy)IMG_20150718_234603 (Copy)