Well I have done some of these activities before .This time it was werewolves over populating an area of Droitwich in Worcestershire .

Here,s the map if you plan on helping out (click the RED Icon>>  [codepeople-post-map]

First I will have to say that it was not as interesting as my two previous events I attended but it was still  fun.
In my option the setting the sene is quite important for the game play .My previous events were in a derelict Shopping mall (in the middle of Birmingham) with loads of Zombies .The other event was in set in a large Manor House up in Manchester with loads of zombies again! .

I suppose I thought it would be set in a small part of open woodlands were you could shoot (or try to shoot) the Werewolves .From this point I was disappointed ,perhaps I was asking too much ( I did ask my sister what she thought it might be ?,she made the same rough assumption as me  hmmm.. )
Getting back to the event it started with some good training and some body protection armour ,shin pads ,knee pads, Gloves if needed and a Helmet with front visor to protect the face (yes good protection,no silver bullets at this point) Plus signing a disclaimer which is fine ,since this going to be physical event ladies and gentlemen. The safety advice was very good and sensible.
The army was on hand, this was a BIG outbreak of werewolves (some full time army guys I believe and some TA army ,a good set of Guys ) .We had two Main missions to complete .The first was trying to supress a werewolf virus outbreak in a lab ,we needed to get in quick and try to wipe out as many as possible and hopefully contain the outbreak ,Needless to say the first mission did go well but some of the infected werewolves did escape!!! .
The Second mission needed riot shields and baton , we were facing hordes of werewolves this time .The training instructor said you needed to stand certain way and form a stack ,one team member protects the rear ,another heavy set team member takes front position and forces forward when the action starts .Well we did try our best, and at times it you could not tell what was going on (quite dark at times ) but I was good fun .
So here we come to the pictures area

warewolfclive25warewolfclive58warewolfclive38warewolfclive73lets go and get them!warewolfclive2warewolfclive18warewolfclive32
I have to say this again and this is only my option (I would think that they would get more volunteer’s to fight the surge of werewolf’s) if they managed to get scene set better ,trees, or some thing ? .


I will say no one else mentioned this fact ,and they enjoyed themselves too, so maybe it was me.
If you want to know MORE Please message me ,
I’ll answer as soon as I can ,as long as I don’t get any more calls to action ,the next time it might well be vampire’s !! ,,hang on were my Holy water …